Wecript Private Browser


Wecript private browser is the world's fastest simple and secured easy browser for shorts of people. On Wecript private browser you can browse and explore privately and anonymously.

Explore the internet like without fear of someone watching you! The wecript private browser dont Dave history.

WECript chat browser is easy to use and very light weight for any shorts of device

Awesome Features

Automatic Privacy

Blocks all shorts of website trackers without any extra effort of addon.
Easily delete your all browsing history once you close or exit Wecript Private browser.

Browse Faster

with Wecript private browser you can surf internet faster than other app available in the market.

Lightning Fast Downloads

Wecript private browser you can download any short of file just in a matter of second.

Data Saving

Private browser works amazing in low data speed still you can watch video,movies all day long.

Webcript Browser is easy to use.

How it works:

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